• Victoria Vitkovskaya
  • Julia Tkachenko




110 m²


Kyiv, Ukraine


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It is our great pleasure to present you a new space of beauty and aesthetics. URB – you are beautiful. This is a combination of sophistication and style!

Initially, the room was small in size – only 70 m and the ceiling height was 6 m. To use it as profitably as possible, we divided the space into 2 floors and designed a beautiful spiral staircase. This helped create two more additional cosmetology rooms. And the floor with decorative inserts and lighting has become the embodiment of aesthetics

To decorate the space, we used natural materials: veneer, rattan, and stone.

Acquaintance with the salon begins with the reception! This is the first thing a guest sees when he walks in, but believe me, this is just the beginning.

Our main task was to introduce as many workplaces as possible into a relatively small space. And, at the same time, do not violate the foundations of correct ergonomics.

We have designed a work area where clients can do hair care procedures, including professional dyeing. And, of course, we did not forget about the places for express options for pedicure and manicure, where guests can do absolutely everything in 2 hours!

Furthermore, the office of cosmetology in our project is not only a functional solution but also a paradise for aesthetes, where both the master and the client can spend time comfortably.

Every corner of the workspace is imbued with aesthetics. And its heart and central element is our stone sink with illumination from below. This is a bright flawless accent that beckons all the guests of the salon. In this area, you can both wash your hands with salt soap and aromatic oil, and get aesthetic and tactile pleasure!

Other amenities await visitors to the beauty salon. For example, a barista will surprise them with aromatic coffee with delicious designer sweets – both classic and gluten-free.

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