Woodsy Townhouse


  • Victoria Vitkovskaya




250 m²


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The townhouse design was developed for a young married couple with a teenage child. As part of the project, we managed to significantly increase the living area of ​​the house, and as an interior style, the choice fell on eclecticism in a combination of modern style with a loft.

One of the advantages of the source was a large number of panoramic windows, but our task was to properly plan the space and zone the zones so as to avoid the effect of «aquarium life». Therefore, when planning, we took into account the peculiarities of the fact that the house is not located on its own plot of land, and is only part of the club life.

Having the source as empty space without walls on the first floor, we zoned only the corridor area, where concentrated the main number of storage niches, but at the same time, we left from looking through the house. The open plan of the first floor made it possible to combine the living room, kitchen, and dining area in one space for the benefit of the visual impression of spaciousness and for the sake of ease of movement.

We had no doubts about our choice of kitchen, as the Cesar kitchen was perfect for us in the combination of design and functionality. The main part of the kitchen was made of phoenix material, which has high strength characteristics and has the ability to restore its integrity.

In the interior of the living-dining room, the designers of the V.Concept studio decided to add a bit of eclecticism: a fireplace with finishing «under oxidized metal sheets», a modern dining table from the latest Catalan collection, cabinet furniture in the minimalism style of the Sangiacomo factory.

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