White veil


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White veil — this space is filled with exquisite luxury, imbued with romanticism and lightness, and has its own charm and elegance. This is actually the image of our customers — they are also customers who came with a light sense of life and know its taste. 

Creating the interior was easy and pleasant. I wanted to give them more emotions than they expected. And we did it very well.

Ergonomic correct study of the studio area, where there is everything: a pencil case area with household appliances, an island area where you can cook dinner with the whole family, the main part of the kitchen, a dining area, and a soft sofa for evening pastime. 

The master bedroom is, as always, a separate oasis with its own wardrobe and bathroom. 

Another daughter’s room was filled with the functionality necessary for the life of an 18-year-old girl while emphasizing chic and style.

These Apartments are about how you can make 120m insanely comfortable for all family members and filled with happiness, lightness, and love.

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