• Victoria Vitkovskaya
  • Alexander Novikov




400 m²


Irpin, Ukraine


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What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

In these terrible times, despite the occupation and terror, art will always find a place for itself.

This project was created by strong and persistent people who will not give up their life’s work even under bullets and explosions. Unbreakable is not just the name of the project, it is a reflection of the soul of everyone who took part in it. We really wanted to reflect the beauty of nature through the colors and materials of the house. The architecture is made in a modern style. All lines logically complement the environment.

When we design a house, we create the future of the family. We study both life and needs. This house is quite unusual in that the first 2 floors are family-oriented and the 3rd is a kennel for exotic cat breeds. We haven’t done anything like this yet, but there’s a first time for everything.

Since the site is located in a pine forest, we wanted to create a landscape design that would blend in seamlessly with our location, not contradicting the atmosphere, but only complementing its naturalness.

The right lighting not only creates a beautiful atmosphere, but above all it accentuates the volume of the architecture, making the texture of the house more voluminous and tactile.We plan to make the facades of the house ventilated with dark porcelain stoneware. Complementing the Finnish planking from the stabilized board to give warmth and connecting in a whole nature and the concept of the house.

It’s nice to know that we can continue our project, which is in the heart of Bucha! And with even more love we are working out the small details for our future owners.

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