• Victoria Vitkovskaya




400 m²


Irpin, Ukraine


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What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

In these terrible times, despite the occupation and terror, art will always find a place for itself.

This project was created by strong and persistent people who will not give up their life’s work even under bullets and explosions. Unbreakable is not just the name of the project, it is a reflection of the soul of everyone who took part in it. We really wanted to reflect the beauty of nature through the colors and materials of the house. The architecture is made in a modern style. All lines logically complement the environment

When creating the bedroom, we used all natural materials: veneers, flooring. Also from the wishes – a perpetual green corner in the form of a green wall and a lot of plants around the house. Maximum lightness, practicality, and at the same time to feel its own character. The space was created in accordance with the wishes of our customers.

The nursery is the room where a child spends most of his time. The interior of a child’s room largely influences the mood and behavior of the child. Therefore, you should pay special attention to the nature and wishes of the child.

With the child’s temperament in mind, we designed a kid’s area with interactive playtime. Isn’t it a dream room if you’re a boy?)

A dressing room of such a plan is for those who have order – in the first place!

We have observed everything to make it comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and practical.

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