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Design studio V. Concept studio was founded in 2015 by designer Victoria Vitkovskaya. Our job is to find an individual solution for the design of private and public spaces.

FAQ about home interior design or apartment design:

The apartment design project may contain various elements depending on the needs and wishes of the client, as well as on the specific task of the project or interior design of the apartment. However, the main elements of the apartment design project may include:

  • Planning of premises: development of the optimal composition of premises, selection of the location of the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and other areas.
  • Color solution: choosing a color palette for walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, and decor, will ensure the harmonious coexistence of all elements and provide the appropriate mood.
  • Interior design: selection of design style, appropriate furniture, textiles, decor, lighting, etc.
  • Technical equipment: planning the location of sockets, lamps, development of the lighting project, and other technical elements.
  • Selection of materials: selection of materials for floors, walls, ceilings, furniture, and other elements.
  • 3D visualization: the creation of a project visualization for a better idea of how the premises will look after the project is implemented.

Turnkey repair is a complete complex of repair works on the premises, from design and planning to the completion of the work and the transfer of the finished object to the customer with a ready-made interior design for the home. The main idea is that the customer orders a full range of services related to the repair of the premises, and the entire repair process is completely entrusted to a subcontractor or a team of craftsmen. For example, a completely separate company is engaged in the construction and creation of the interior design of a small house.

The turnkey repair can include such stages as:

  • development of a design project and residential interior design;
  • preparatory work (dismantling, cleaning the premises);
  • carrying out electrical, plumbing, and other engineering works;
  • execution of floor screed, plastering of walls, painting, tiling, laying of floor coverings;
  • installation of furniture, plumbing, lighting, and other interior elements.

A studio apartment is a type of housing that consists of one large room that combines the functions of a living room, a bedroom, and a kitchen. Also, a studio apartment can have a separate bathroom and a corridor, but in general, this is the only open space that can be separated with furniture or partitions. The interior design of a studio apartment aims to include as much functionality as possible.

Studio apartments usually have a compact area and are designed for one or two people. They have become popular these days, especially in cities where housing prices are very high. A studio apartment can be an ideal option for young people who are looking for economical and functional housing in the city center. The design of a studio apartment can be any, it all depends on the wishes of the customers. In addition, the design of a small apartment is always interesting and always a certain challenge for the designer and the client.

How to create an interior design of a small apartment?

Creating an interior design for a small apartment requires a special approach, because the space is limited, and it is important to use its potential as efficiently as possible.

These are the services of an interior designer to control the strict compliance of repair and construction work with a design project approved by the client. Thus, a team of our interior designers is engaged in the implementation of your object in Kyiv, Dubai or other cities and countries.

Accompaniment (architectural supervision) includes:

  • planned site visit by the design studio team
  • control over the compliance of the design implementation of the project of an apartment or house
  • realization
  • making adjustments and selection of analogs of materials or furniture (in certain cases).

Small-sized apartments are apartments with very small areas, usually less than 40-50 square meters. They can be both studio apartments and apartments with separate bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms, but with narrow corridors and small rooms.

Small apartments are usually a more affordable housing option compared to larger apartments located in the city center. They can be an attractive option for single people, young couples, students, and young professionals looking for an economical housing option. The plus is that interior design for small apartments is also a cheaper option. Our company will help you make the best designer apartment.

Modern apartment design is a style that reflects the latest trends and fashion trends in design. It is characterized by simplicity of forms, minimalism, and functionality. The main idea of modern design is to create a space that will be comfortable and functional for life, but at the same time will have an aesthetic appearance. Modern apartment interior design is about modernism in all its advantages.

In the modern design of the interior of the house, simple shapes and geometric shapes are used, which create a calm and harmonious look in the room. Natural materials such as wood, stone, glass, and metal are often used. The color scheme is usually very natural and neutral, with the addition of bright accents to create focused attention.

Home interior design is the process of creating a functional and aesthetic space in a house or apartment that meets the needs and preferences of the owners. This may include planning of space, choosing colors, materials, and furniture, decorating, and lighting.

Home interior design can deal with creating a home design from scratch or redesigning an existing space. It includes an understanding of the needs and style of the owners, the design of room layouts, and the selection of materials for floors, walls, and ceilings, as well as the selection of furniture, lighting, and decoration. The goal of home interior design is to create a harmonious space that matches the style and needs of the owners and is pleasant to live in. This approach is well suited for interior house design.

Luxury home interior is a style that reflects elegance and luxury. This is a luxurious style that is usually characterized by high-quality materials, sophisticated decor, and exclusive elements. Luxury interior design can contain various elements such as high ceilings, chic curtains, crystal chandeliers, expensive furniture, and other details that create an impression of luxury and comfort.

The interior can be improved with the help of various decorative elements that can add comfort, elegance, and originality to the room. Some of the most popular decor items that can enhance an interior include:

  • Textiles: Different types of textiles such as curtains, blankets, cushions, and rugs can add warmth and comfort to an interior.
  • Lighting: properly selected lighting can change the mood of the room, making it more pleasant and cozy. Different lighting options such as floor lamps, wall lights, and chandeliers can create different effects.
  • Paintings and photographs: Paintings and photographs can add personality and originality to an interior, as well as create visual focal points.
  • Throw pillows and rugs: Throw pillows and rugs can add texture and color to an interior, creating a deeper, more cozy effect.
  • Plants: Plants can add freshness and vitality to an interior, as well as clean the air and lift the mood.

Creating an architectural plan for a house or apartment usually includes the following stages:

  • An architect or designer meets with a client to learn their needs and desires. At this stage, the interior design of the house is decided, which rooms should be in the house or apartment, how many rooms, their sizes, the number of bathrooms, doors, windows, etc.
  • Creating a composition. An architect or designer creates a composition – a simple plan of a building or apartment, which includes all the necessary rooms and their dimensions.
  • The architect will add details to the warehouse to make it more attractive and functional.
  • Furniture placement. An architect or designer places furniture in each room to check whether the placement of each item is suitable for functionality and aesthetics.
  • Development of drawings. An architect or designer creates realistic drawings of a house or apartment. All this creates interior home design.

The interior of the house or the design of the apartment is the interior decoration and organization of space, which are created to ensure convenience and comfort for the residents of the house. Interior includes the entire design and interior decoration of a house or apartment, such as layout, room design, choice of colors, textures, furniture, flooring, walls and doors, lighting, and decor.

The interior can be created in different styles, such as classic, modern, minimalist, eclectic, traditional, and others. Each style has its characteristics that affect the choice of materials and colors for the interior.

Modern interior designs of houses or apartments can be very diverse. Here are some of them:

  • Minimalism is a style characterized by simple forms, minimal use of colors, and decor, based on the principle “less is better”.
  • Scandinavian style is a bright and spacious interior with the use of light colors, natural materials, and a minimum of decor.
  • Industrial style – a style that reflects factory architecture with the use of metal, concrete, and bricks, as well as industrial parts and furniture.
  • Modern is a style that contains innovative design solutions and the latest technologies with the use of light colors, simple shapes, and a minimum of decor.
  • Glamor is a style characterized by shiny details, exclusive furniture, and the use of a rich color palette.

These are just a few of the many modern styles used to create a modern home interior design, and each of them can be recreated using different materials, colors, and decor.

The interior design of the cottage is the design of the interior of the house, which can be different, depending on the style chosen by the owner. However, given that a cottage is usually larger than an apartment, more furniture and decor can be used to create a more cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

The interior design of the house can be varied and depends on many factors, such as style, budget, personal preferences of the owner, and the functional purpose of each room. Here are some types of home interior design:

  • Classic Design: Uses traditional decor, including rich textiles and reclaimed wood elements.
  • Modern design: characterized by simplicity and clean lines, modern materials, and technologies are used.
  • Minimalist design: rejection of unnecessary details, simplicity, and purity of forms and lines.