Our space

Designer Victoria Vitkovskaya has created a stylish open space that includes a show room and an office for V. Concept design studio. This is her personal creative studio apt to inspire, to awaken a creative force, an enthusiasm and an urge to generate new ideas. The show room situated within the space holds an exhibition of furniture, lighting fixtures and décor, the selection of which is constantly renewed. The rest of the space is divided into a working area for architectural designers, a meeting room, Victoria’s office and her assistant’s office. A key concept of the interior design was to instill the feeling of tranquility and pleasure both for employees and for clients. Thus, the studio is thoroughly planned and zoned with the help of a floor-to-ceiling office storage closet and some glass partitions. Complementary to the principle grey color of the interior there is a poured concrete floor which grants a note of understated elegance to the existing coziness.

  • Project name: Our space
  • Design: Victoria Vitkovskaya
  • Location: Kiev, Ukraine
  • Project Area: 160 м²
  • Status: Success
The School of Dance 3D

The School of Dance

  • Project name: Goldance
  • Design: Liza Dovzhenko, Anna Hnatenko, Victoria Vitkovskaya
  • Location: Kiev
  • Project Area: 450 m²
  • Status: In process
An interior design project always starts with a dream.

Visit our office, treat yourself with a cup of fragrant coffee, meet our team and share with us the image of the house of your dreams. We are bringing to life not only your sweetest dreams, but cherished fantasies.