NY penthouse


  • Виктория Витковская
  • Лиза Довженко




165 m²


Киев, Украина


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The main task facing the V.Concept studio was to create a stylish and practical design in fairly muted colors.

The restrained range was accented with bright colors and unusual details in the form of designer carpets and decorative elements. The client, a young girl, wanted to use the shades of turkuaz and terracotta, and the designers managed to integrate them very organically into the creative space!

The studio on the ground floor was visually divided into 3 zones: a dining room, a workroom with a library, and a recreation area. In the process of developing the design project, special attention was paid to details and current trends. The philosophy of minimalism ran through the whole project as a red thread: «minimum of things — maximum of the soul».

On the second floor, the master’s block was designed — a bedroom with access to the terrace and a fairly compact bathroom. It was important to create a space with character and expression, but at the same time, not to lose a touch of atmosphere and home comfort!

The terrace was kept in the spirit of minimalism, like the entire penthouse. The greenery and incredible views of the city added a special charm to the space. And the location has become ideal for warm evenings, romantic dinners, or get-togethers with friends.

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