Marble apartment


  • Виктория Витковская
  • Анна Гнатенко


160 m²


Киев, Украина


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Technological, laconic forms and a choice in favor of bright accents — initially we had a space of 160 square meters at our disposal.

The client chose the neoclassical design direction because he feels the most relaxed and calm in spaces designed in this style.

To translate his ideas into reality, we used Italian premium brands: Tosconova, Pianca, Cattelan Italia, Sovet, Ulivi, and Meridiani.

The spaces also focused on manufacturability (the client abandoned the “Smart Home” system) and installed Miele household appliances controlled via Wi-Fi. The apartment also has flood control and automatic blinds control.

The choice of plumbing fell on the famous brands Knife, Duravit, and Novello, and acoustics from Bose.

The color scheme is calm, light, and muted shades with bright contrasting accents.

We designed the bedroom in dark green tones since the customer is most impressed by such a solution.

In the Cesar kitchen, a worktop made of Indian granite was installed for connoisseurs of sophisticated luxury.

In choosing of lighting fixtures, we settled on the American brand Hudson Valley and Deltalight, Karizma fixtures. Above the table, we have installed a handmade chandelier from Serip. Such lighting devices harmoniously blended into the design, conveying the overall atmosphere of the space.

For the decoration, we used textiles from Bluemarine, La Perla, Hermès.

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