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  • Victoria Vitkovskaya
  • Victoria Stupak
  • Elena Konopatskaya




272 m²


Kyiv, Ukraine


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The interior design of a penthouse with a terrace and panoramic windows is located in the center of Kyiv.

Designers of V.Concept studio decorated 2 floors of creative space, correctly developed functionality, and outstanding interior solutions.

The project was created for a young couple who, at the stage of project development, planned to become parents.

On the ground floor, a separate master’s block was arranged, in which a comfortable bedroom, a relaxation area for the owners, a bathroom, and other technical rooms were placed.

The main accent of the space was the staircase, into the zone of which the «Texas corner» in the form of cacti and stones was integrated — this was the wishes of the owners. In support of the mood of the Wild West, a stucco wall was created, which became a transit between the first and second floors.

The client saw the corridor area as long and subdued, with unique lighting scenarios. To make this wish come true, luminaires with built-in LED modules were integrated into the ceiling. Thus, interesting light spots were formed on the floor.

On the ground floor, in the master’s block, there was a bathroom with a shower and a wide functional area, and men’s and women’s dressing rooms with a table for applying makeup.

It was important to make the children’s room neutral since during the renovation the couple was still waiting for the baby. A large bed was integrated into the space, on which at first it will be comfortable for a mother and baby to sleep, and then for the child himself. A lamp was placed above the bed, in the directional light of which it would be comfortable for him to read books. The functional area was designed in the form of a long table by the window. They also placed large shelves that smoothly merge into a zoned wardrobe. Inside this zone, a play space was designed — a soft circle, which will be associated with the baby with his personal cozy space.

The second floor was zoned into several zones: a men’s office area with a fireplace, a recreation area, a kitchen studio, and a large guest bathroom. From the space on the second floor, 2 exits to the terrace were equipped.

At the entrance to the second floor, an accent green zone was immediately located — a “living wall” with natural plants, an automatic irrigation system, and correct directional lighting.

In the kitchen, the designers have integrated a wine zone, and designed a wide workspace and a small practical “island”.

For comfort, translucent roller shutters were installed. And besides the sound system, we also made duct air conditioning, which is very convenient for maintaining a certain air temperature!

Before the exit to the terrace, a small recreation area was introduced, which was grown with a staircase.

The main idea of ​​the guest bathroom, which the customers wanted to implement, was to dim light and create a cave effect. To cope with this mood, a minimum number of light sources were placed. The logical continuation of the bathroom is a shower cabin with a curtain in the ceiling in a metal profile with graphite glass. Thanks to this technique, the room has become “taller”.

Customers dreamed of a covered terrace where they could barbecue meat and drink wine while spending cozy evenings with friends and family.

For this, the designers have zoned the terrace into covered and open parts.

Indoors, customers will have the opportunity to enjoy the morning rays and a light breeze. A sofa, dining table, and soft chairs have been integrated into it. The terrace was continued with the open part — it was decorated with greenery: cereals, which filled the space with atmosphere and comfort. Perfect for warm evenings to enjoy the view and listen to the sound of the fountains!

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