Interior of an apartment in the style of a hotel room

Based on the principles of ergonomics, we created a new level of coziness and personal space. The new layout of the apartment is based on the principles of ergonomics and functionality: an office, a bedroom, a large bathroom and a spacious kitchen-living room, turning into a wardrobe. In the kitchen there is no dining table, a small bar table with high chairs - this is enough for a young progressive family. The living room next to the kitchen is also not overloaded with furniture. A highlight is natural onyx, which, depending on the lighting, changes both its color and the atmosphere around it. The bedroom is decorated in exquisite coffee-beige tones. The high light head of the bed, original furniture, clear contours, softened with textiles, everything in the room is thought out for a good rest. From the bedroom doors lead to the bathroom. In this project, it is very original: we are talking not only about the interior, but also about the planning decision. You can get into it from three rooms: a bedroom, a living room and a dressing room. This once again emphasizes that the project needs to be created not to please the usual rules, and beauty does not tolerate stereotypes at all.

An interior design project always starts with a dream.

Visit our office, treat yourself with a cup of fragrant coffee, meet our team and share with us the image of the house of your dreams. We are bringing to life not only your sweetest dreams, but cherished fantasies.