Greenville Terrasse


  • Vitkovskaya Victoria
  • Novikov Alexander
  • Tkachenko Julia


In the process


670 m²


Kyiv, Ukraine


The project of an open terrace in the prestigious residential complex «Greenville Park» in Kyiv.

The light subdued atmosphere and incredible views. We have created a terrace where you can comfortably spend time with friends, family, or alone, devoting time to your favorite book. 

We have zoned the space so that it is as comfortable as possible to spend time in it, and have decorated it with greenery and flowerpots. Depending on the season, part of the landscaping will change to fully reflect the atmosphere: in spring, the terrace will be decorated with sakura, and a little later, with hydrangeas and chrysanthemums. 

The main element of the terrace is the bar, which we have finished with concrete slabs. This decision added to its aesthetics and solidity.

We also designed a lounge area overlooking the city, where you can enjoy the sunrise or sunset. Additionally, a projector is also provided on the terrace, so you can spend the evening watching your favorite movie. 

A long bar was installed along the glass border, where you can drink coffee and have fun in a noisy company.

If it is necessary to hold holidays or corporate parties, the terrace can easily be transformed into a stage and an area for spectators. An excellent opportunity to enjoy playing the saxophone on the roof or spend your birthday unforgettable.

And with subdued evening lighting, the open terrace is transformed and becomes especially aesthetic!

The design project «Greenville terrasse» is an impeccable combination of harmony and beautiful views. It’s about filling life with new bright colors!

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