French charm

An interior design of The French Charm Project is a transformation of a concrete jungle area into a trendy, ample and snug apartment for a modern family with a child. A designer stuck to the principle of ‘delicate simplicity’ opting for such natural materials as stone, wood, brick and natural drapery. The signature feature of the project is the parquet over the self-leveling concrete floor. The daylight has entered every area due to proper layout planning providing the sense of lightness. The opposing master’s and children’s bedrooms both open up to common lounge area.

  • Project name: French Charm
  • Design: Victoria Vitkovskaya
  • Location: Kiev, Ukraine
  • Project Area: 115 m²
  • Status: Success
Stereotype free beauty 3D EN

A new apartment layout is multi-functional and size-conscious, including a study, a bedroom, a big bathroom and a spacious kitchen diner merging with walk-in closet. There is a relatively small bar table with high chairs in the kitchen instead of a dining table which is absolutely satisfying for a young and progressive family. As well as the kitchen area, a diner area is not cluttered with furniture but has another key point – the presence of genuine onyx that changes the color and subsequently the atmosphere in the room depending on illumination. Bedroom doors lead to a bathroom which is rather distinctive not only in terms of the interior design, but also in terms of the layout. It opens up to three surrounding rooms: the bedroom, the kitchen diner and the walk-in closet. Out-of-the-box design solutions do make difference.

  • Project name: Stereotype-Free Beauty
  • Design:
  • Location:
  • Project Area: 100 м²
  • Status: Visualization
An interior design project always starts with a dream.

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