White apartment


  • Vitkovskaya Victoria
  • Olga Krivosheenko
  • Aksentyeva Alexandra




Kiev, Ukraine

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The designers of our studio V.Concept were tasked with recreating a light and atmospheric space in the lightest possible colors.

To emphasize the deliberate laconicism of the apartment, we designed it in a relaxed Scandinavian style. In the space, we placed a kitchen-living room, a master bedroom, 2 bathrooms and a laundry room. Here, every detail and piece of furniture has its own functionality!

In the master bedroom, we placed a transit dressing room and a separate bathroom for the owners, supplemented the space with fresh flowers and elegant textiles in a deep beige shade.

The studio kitchen was zoned into a functional area and a relaxation space. A large accent sofa was placed in the center of the room, which harmoniously blended into the overall atmosphere of the project.

The space is dominated by weightless simplicity and airiness, decorated in calm shades - as it was originally intended.

Our project "White Apartment" is about this - expressive laconicism at its best!

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We will answer all your questions and offer 3 layout options!

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