Voice of generations


  • Victoria Vitkovskaya
  • Liza Dovzhenko




372 m²


Bobrytsa, Kiev region

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"Voice of Generations" project was a real challenge for our talented design team.

We needed to give a second life to a house with a 20-year history. This space needed transformation: during this time, the family grew emotionally from the previous interior, the requirements for the house changed, and new hobbies together with plans for the future appeared.

That is why the wishes of the customers sounded like this: to create a design project for a new space, not forgetting about family values, traditions, and hobbies.

V.Concept team has designed the house in the Art Deco style, creating a space in which weekdays are the same weekend, where they enjoy life at the moment, not putting it off.

"Voice of Generations" project embodies the atmosphere and comfort of a home. This is romanticism multiplied by the theatricality of everyday life!

We even designed a fireplace room - an area where each of the family members loves to retire to do what they love. Our designers assembled the fireplace from tiles to give the fireplace authenticity by integrating the initials of all family members.

Please leave your contact details and we will contact you within 15 minutes to announce the cost of the project.

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