Glam apartment


  • Vitkovskaya Victoria
  • Tkachenko Yulia




250 m²


Futura Park, Moscow

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Design project in Moscow: Futuro Park complex. Our task was to arrange a townhouse with an area of 200 sq. meters, for a young family with a child. We created a light space in which we introduced contrasting accents.

In the master bedroom, the bed was brought to the fore, behind which a transit dressing room was placed, smoothly turning into a private bathroom. The interweaving of aesthetics, which is expressed in calm warm colors, and laconic functionality is the optimal solution for a recreation area in our project. A bathroom with natural motives — a special kind of inspiration! Taking into account that the space is small, it was possible to visually enlarge it due to light colors combined with greenery. In it, we placed a separate bathroom by the window (and made the mistress's dream come true!), a shower cubicle, a wardrobe with shelves and a sink with a mirror. Tatta Home wallpaper was used to recreate natural motives. A muted color palette and high-quality natural stone harmonize perfectly in the bathroom. 

In the children’s, we wanted to create a room for a real princess - a cozy space with a wardrobe in which she would put her dresses, with shelves for books and a comfortable bed.We have visually divided the space into 2 zones — a recreation area and a work one. And to shape a light and relaxed atmosphere, the artists decorated it with wall paintings. The clients wanted the baby to be in a good mood upon entering the bathroom. And we managed to recreate this effect thanks to the bright accent wallpaper from WallDecor. We also used plumbing from the Cielo company.

The third floor in the design project in Futuro Park was created as a transit floor with access to a spacious terrace — a recreation area and a barbecue, where you could spend time at your own pleasure! Before going out to the open terrace, we refilled the ceiling, made a Turkish bath — hamam — and installed a small stand-alone kitchen. Such functionality will allow you not to go down to the first floor, but to prepare everything you need for a barbecue on the spot. This design of the third floor with the addition of greenery looks especially atmospheric and cozy!

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