The Interior with white walls makes the space light and gives it a note of freshness. But many people have a lot of stereotypes about this colour. “Like a hospital” and “very boring” are the main enemies and reasons why people do not agree to paint white walls. But today we will dispel these myths and prove that white in the interior – it’s stylish and aesthetic!

Let’s start with the basics. White is a colour that goes with the whole palette. It’s easy to mix and you’ll never go wrong. But the main secret of this colour is the right combination of the decor and furniture. You can create a completely uncomfortable “white” environment, or you can make it so that even a room in the warmest colours does not compare to the same atmosphere of white. There has to be a measure and a sense of style in everything.

белый интерьер
белый интерьер

There are several shades of white. This should also be taken into account because the interior items, walls and floor can differ in shades and make “mush”. Everyone can have a yellow, blue, green or red hue about themself! Yes, in everyday life we perceive white as white and don’t think about its cast. But if that colour gets into the interior – everything changes! So keep a close eye on such details to make sure everything is perfect.

The other issue is practicality! If you have children, the white walls, curtains and floor will be an incomprehensible colour in a minute! Before you know it, everything is a dirty grey lump of a mess. We agree, in this case, it is better to choose another colour as the main colour. Don’t forget about surfaces that are easy to clean! You can choose such a tile or paint for the walls and then, you can easily remove any stains!

белый интерьер

Different textures and materials can help you diversify the white interior. Lacquer, leather, fabric and many other options will give the design richness and completeness. Many people make the mistake of thinking of white as a “hospital room.” Everything changes completely when an interesting fluffy carpet or leather cushions on a stylish couch appear in the room. Such details can help you look at a bright apartment in a different way.

белый интерьер

Play with contrasts! Use dark and light colours together. For example, a white wall and a dark leather armchair or sofa. Can you imagine? Well, now it’s a different story! You can use white when you vitally need to emphasize or highlight an interior object. It’s a cool trick to keep the eye from getting “bored” in a perfectly bright apartment environment.

белый интерьер

White is great for small spaces! If you feel that the house lacks light, everything is dark and even the sun that comes through the windows does not save the situation – choose a room with white walls. It’s a cool tip hack to not only visually expand your apartment but also to make it so you can take a photo at any time and not worry about the space being too dark.

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