Flooring. Which one should I choose for my home?

There are different kinds of materials from which the floor can be made. Each option has many pros and cons, which should be prepared for in advance. That’s why the Vitkovskaya Design Studio team decided to help you understand this issue.

Let’s start with the basics. When you’re thinking about a field in the house, you need to understand what your budget is. Do not forget that high-quality coating, which will last more than a year, can not be cheap. We believe that quality is paramount. The second question to ask yourself is the practicality of flooring. How long will it last? Is it sturdy and reliable enough? Also worth mentioning is the ease of cleaning. Are there certain things to consider when cleaning with different products?

And of course! Last, but one of the most important – aesthetics. After all, sometimes the floor can completely change the apartment’s look. We’re going to talk about that today, too.

Let’s start with one of the most common coatings – ceramic tiles. In addition to the obvious options (kitchen and bathroom), it can be used throughout the apartment. There are many pluses to this! First, you can not worry if the tile is smeared in domestic conditions. Everything washes out easily without any residue. Secondly, this flooring allows you to make a warm floor throughout the apartment because it is resistant to moisture and heat. Do not forget about its pluses in terms of aesthetics. Glossy, matte, with a specific pattern – the choice is vast.

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The next option, a light coating, is laminate. Most people choose it because it is pretty durable and easy to use. If we talk about the material from which it is made, it is based on fiberboard. Paint or a specific pattern – marble or imitation wood- is applied on this board. It is pretty budget-friendly, but at the same time, with proper use, it can last a long time.

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напольное покрытие

Natural parquet has always been one of the most expensive coatings. And for a good reason, because the parquet has many advantages. For example, you can make different kinds of patterns to your taste. Also, it is made entirely of wood, making it the most environmentally friendly flooring. There is one disadvantage – because of the size, to lay parquet, you need more time because it is much smaller than all other coatings.

A great option will be hardwood flooring if you want to use natural wood. It is more extensive but made of the same expensive wood. But in such a non-budget option for flooring, there are also disadvantages. It does not tolerate moisture and excessive heat, so it is only used in “dry” rooms with no water access.

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Let’s talk about the softest flooring – carpeting. It is very loved to use in children’s rooms because the child is much more comfortable playing and running. You can not be afraid that the baby will fall. But it also looks very stylish in the bedrooms. Unfortunately, there is a significant disadvantage – it isn’t easy to clean the carpet. It gets dirty quickly, and if any liquid is spilled, it takes a long time to dry. In this sense, whether this flooring is suitable for your apartment is worth considering.

Poured floor. Sounds unusual. Its essence is that it can be made in any room and is resistant to moisture and heat. Also, there are no “joints” on it, for example, when laying ceramic tiles. Poured floors can be of different types: methyl methacrylate, epoxy, cement-acrylic, and polyurethane. Poured floors can be of different types: methyl methacrylate, epoxy, cement-acrylic, and polyurethane.

In this article, we have collected different flooring and each option’s pitfalls. Our team is sure that now, it will be much easier for you to choose the perfect floor for your future apartment!

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