Single-room apartment design

Modern design in a small apartment requires a special approach. Setting up the layout itself can seem like a daunting job, especially when it’s smaller than most others.

How much furniture is worth buying? Is the space already too cluttered or does it seem too empty? Should you also create an area to work in? What about the color palette of the apartment? The questions are endless, and once you solve one, the answer sometimes creates 10 more questions. Fortunately, the beauty of creative freedom and the power of the Internet means that no matter how small your apartment is, you can find plenty of ideas and layouts that will apply to your living situation.

The choice of color scheme for the design of the smart apartment plays a key role. It’s not easy for everyone to find a color scheme for a room. But the effort is worth the result you get. In this case, The color palette should create the illusion of free space. So, we choose in the direction of light shades. Pastel colors are great. It’s a great tip for making your apartment feel like it has a lot of space.

дизайн однокомнатной квартиры

The furniture in a studio apartment can change the look of the apartment. In order for it not to take up most of the space, it is better to think about buying multifunctional furniture. Since the living room and bedroom are in the same room, practical furniture is especially recommended. A folding sofa bed, for example, is ideal as a bed.

Additional tip: It’s best to choose a convertible sofa with a bed drawer because it creates extra storage space that you can use for your bedding or other items. Tables, too, can prove to be real storage room wonders. At best, you should use the free space on the walls to get as much floor space as possible, rather than an overwhelming living environment. Hinged cabinets or shelves over doors are great practical helpers for placing things you don’t need all the time. You can even mount the TV on the wall or under the ceiling and thus intelligently furnish your one-room apartment. This is completely unproblematic with modern flat-screen devices. Movable mounting hardware even allows you to rotate the screen, so your TV program will be clearly visible from any corner of the room.

Pay attention to the proportions! Do not buy all the furniture very small, or you will achieve an undesirable “dollhouse”. Find the golden mean.

Keeping order and self-discipline is very important! Get things in order. There are many options for furniture, where inside there are special places for storing things. For example, if your shoes just stand in the hallway, give them their own space.

Set priorities, and ask yourself: do you work from home a lot? If the answer is yes, then it is better to increase the office space than to buy a sofa set. Know your needs and plan accordingly!

дизайн однокомнатной квартиры
дизайн однокомнатной квартиры

Make optimum use of every corner: make full use of corners and walls, as well as wall surfaces near windows and doors! Don’t leave unused space. For example, you can put a coffee table with hidden storage space, a bed with this function, or a bedside drawer. Pull-out furniture creates a balance between comfort and style. Also works great with cabinets or desks: built-in drawers and pull-out surfaces allow you to create space just when you really need it. It will help to use the space around you rationally.

Plan wisely! Stack things you don’t need every day or that are seasonal (winter clothes, Christmas decorations), such as in the attic, in the basement, under the bed, or in the closet in the back.

Use every nook and cranny

Sloping ceiling corners and stairs are often overlooked, although they do save space when furnishing small apartments! After all, they are ideal for placing a desk, shoe cabinets, and wine cabinets.

дизайн однокомнатной квартиры

As a rule, when designing a one-room apartment, the following applies: accessories should not overload the room, and should seem functional.

Light plays an important role because it is the play of light and shadow that gives the room depth. The right light sources are essential for creating visually larger rooms. Pendant lights, floor lamps, table lamps, lampshades – there is no limit to creativity.

дизайн однокомнатной квартиры

Create optical depth. Even with a small space, the room shouldn’t look like a little overcrowded chaos. Create peace and order through the proper arrangement of furniture and optical techniques. Optical depth can be created by using mirrors or light-colored walls.

The decoration makes the house cozy, but it should only be used in a small apartment. In addition, start decorating only when everything you need has really found its place. As for decorating, limit yourself to useful home accessories that look nice and don’t take up much space.

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