Scandinavian style in the interior

What is the secret of the “favorite” of many homes around the world? 

Simplicity and functionality. The popularity of this direction was ensured by affordable design solutions – laconic and tasteful!

This is why we like the Scandinavian style in design the most, an integral part of which is: naturalness, comfort and simplicity of lines.

This part of the Hügge philosophy is reflected in all spheres of life in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. People in these countries walk a lot, travel, love and appreciate nature, reverently refer to its resources. Therefore, the most natural, functional and comfortable apartments and houses are important for them.

Our studio fully shares their views – this is the most suitable interior for small spaces.

The advantages of the Scandinavian style:

  • natural materials
  • clear geometry
  • light tones
  • the least amount of furniture and its ergonomics
  • abundance of light
  • Ceramic and porcelain dishes
  • Designer lights and candles
  • indoor plants
  • multifunctionality and rationality of all items.

Agree, there’s nothing superfluous. If there is any love for life, this is it!

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