Modern penthouse interior

Buying your own home is complicated and requires attention to detail. A penthouse will be ideal if you’re a young family who plans to be parents shortly. But how do you choose a beautiful penthouse design? The area is large, so you must think about every room. Today we will tell you about the design of the penthouse project on the example of our work “Lush Apartments.”

A big plus of the penthouse is the freedom of action. Here you can make almost any whim come true. There are many style options, but one of the most common is high-tech.

Clear lines of furniture, fittings, and materials – glass, plastic, and metal. It looks modern, in addition, such an interior, even after several years is still relevant.

On the first floor of our project, we set up a separate master unit. Now we are going to talk about the design in this area.

дизайн пентхауса

Let’s start with the bedroom. Calm, warm colors give a special coziness; here, you want to spend time in the evening with a good book before going to bed. The highlight was the stone wall, illuminated to convey the texture. This detail can be seen in the penthouse design in the photo.

дизайн пентхауса

The bathroom is a perfectionist’s paradise. Strict lines were the best solution in a combination of glass and wood. If you draw parallels, almost the entire penthouse design is built on this tandem. Also, we like the spacious white bathtub, which is complemented by two wall lights.

The kitchen is every minimalist’s dream come true. We made it utterly matte in black and brick tones. We hid all the kitchen appliances in the furniture. Thus, it achieved the effect of “clean space.

Since the kitchen is connected to the seating area, let’s talk about it. A large sofa with a view of a large plasma TV and part of the wall decorated with greenery. By the way, there are a lot of different plants in this seating area; this is one of the chips of the space. Also, the very cool looks fireplace creates a cozy atmosphere.

дизайн пентхауса
дизайн пентхауса
дизайн пентхауса

Let’s talk about the nursery. We did everything possible so the child could learn this world in the most functional room. We made it in light, pastel colors, emphasizing turquoise. A lot of shelves and cabinets for the baby’s items and an exciting sitting area in the form of a soft wheel.

дизайн пентхауса
дизайн пентхауса
дизайн пентхауса

Also, our attention is caught by the backlit staircase. It is made of natural wood, and under it is hidden an interesting corner in the form of cacti and stones – this was the wish of the owners. To complete the wild west theme, we made a stucco wall as a transit between the first and second floors.

дизайн пентхауса
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