Kitchen design is an important element in the apartment plan. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms where residents spend a lot of time. It’s always a pleasure to make breakfasts, lunches and dinners in an atmosphere that inspires!

Today, the V. Concept will dive into the details and show you how you can furnish a loft-style studio kitchen.

There are two loft style kitchen designs: industrial and modern. Here you need to look at the possibilities of the kitchen and your preferences. How are they different?

Industrial loft is the elements of the “bare” walls, bricks, concrete, etc. This is when you can leave part of the “raw” room and it will be beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

Modern loft is when there is imitation of some elements, and there is a lot of minimalism.

What is the main point of the loft? It’s a combination of concrete, raw metal and other materials that many people don’t think are beautiful, and minimalism. Contrast does the basic job and that’s why so many people like this style so much, not only at home, but also in institutions and so on.

кухня в стиле лофт

Light plays an important role in loft kitchen design. There should be a lot of artificial light, which will remind us of the modernity of the design. Do not forget about the decorative light, which can often completely change the overall appearance of the kitchen.

кухня в стиле лофт

Loft is not only pastels and calm tones. You can use colored accents that will take the design to the next level. In order not to miscalculate, we advise to use the color wheel, which we talked about in a previous article. Thus, you will protect yourself from the wrong color combinations and will be much better at it!

кухня в стиле лофт

Don’t forget the details in the interior! Interesting fixtures in the kitchen, vases made of concrete or an authentic teapot make the kitchen more fulfilling, complete! Loft kitchen style is not a complete minimalism, here you need to add decor, because without it much more boring! I would like to understand that, for example, the teapot, as if from a Scandinavian store, is very photogenic! The atmosphere should be such that even if you do not lead Instagram – you want to take a picture and show everyone how stylish your kitchen is.

кухня в стиле лофт

Forget “wallpaper like a brick wall” – it’s the way to a plastic kitchen without a drop of life. If the wall is made of bricks, it’s real! You can get a closer look and feel it with your fingers. That’s the secret! To be, not to seem!

A great example of a loft kitchen in an office space is our Citex Office project. Originally, it was a brick space in an old room located in the center of Kiev. The main goal was to keep the authentic brick and create a loft-style office. We think it came out very aesthetically pleasing!

кухня в стиле лофт
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