Interior design trends 2022

  1. Smart design and functionality
Тренды в дизайне интерьера 2021

A thoughtful approach to design challenges is not just the prerogative of small spaces. Today it is the basis of any design, regardless of the size of the space. High functionality and ultra-modern pieces of furniture these are the current trends in interior design!

A bed for sleeping with bedside theater functionality, modern speaker systems, Smart Home, work desks with wireless charging this is the future that has already literally settled in our homes. The functionality of the space is in harmony with the comfort of life, as modern technology greatly facilitates it.

2. Bright contrasting accents

A proper combination of colors in the interior above all! Each detail must fit into the overall complex ensemble, giving the space a note of logical completeness.

Тренды в дизайне интерьера 2021
Тренды в дизайне интерьера 2021

Among the current contrasts, which prevail in the interiors of 2022, it is worth noting the white and brown colors. They are gradually replacing popular in recent years, dark colors.

3. Eco-friendly materials

Тренды в дизайне интерьера 2021

Natural materials are not just about comfort and coziness. First of all, it’s about ecology! Interest in reused and recyclable materials has been a trend in recent years.

We are advised to minimize using artificial synthetic materials when finishing houses and apartments. The most popular textures are stone and wood in light colors, metal, glass, concrete, cork, rattan, etc.

Тренды в дизайне интерьера 2021

4. Geometry, Regular Shapes, and Asymmetry

Тренды в дизайне интерьера 2021

Geometry in the interior is experiencing its own transformation. Today it is no longer just straight lines, which have set the tone for decorating the past few seasons, but more rounded, light, regular shapes.

Тренды в дизайне интерьера 2021

Clear lines and shapes intersect with the philosophy of minimalism. The new season welcomes round and hemispherical objects, which are in harmony with the usual triangle, square, and rhombus. Thanks to the creative contrasting asymmetry, modern interior design will play with new special facets.

5. Minimalism

This concept affects the design of all elements of the interior: technology, upholstered and cabinet furniture, accessories, and decor.

Тренды в дизайне интерьера 2021
Тренды в дизайне интерьера 2021

The minimalist trend was a consequence of living in times of pandemic. The desire to get rid of old nonfunctional things does not leave until now! You must agree that there is a certain fatigue from the excessive number of things, their oversaturation in space, and the inability to concentrate.

In the philosophy of minimalism, the key element is harmony. Minimalism is ecological and conserves the resources of the planet, as it promotes a reduction of consumption and consciousness.

Тренды в дизайне интерьера 2021

Interiors designed in the spirit of minimalism are durable, the objects in them are relevant beyond time and trends, and they do not need to change every season!

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