The most popular interior styles

When you think about home design styles, first of all, you need to understand what options are available and what is suitable for your apartment. It is the one that will set the tone for the whole house and impress your guests.

Today we’re going to talk about the most popular interior styles. And on the example of the work of our design studio V.Concept studio, we will show clearly how different styles can change the space.

Let’s start with the classic style. It is understood by many, so it is always at the peak of popularity. What is his main secret? It has simple forms but, at the same time, spoils its owners with ornate decorative elements. The fact that the classic style can fit perfectly in a small apartment or large house is not unimportant. This is definitely a huge plus. This easy play with luxury and simplicity people always like. Classic likes calm, warm pastel colours, which, combined with the gilding of some elements, create a unique range.

But there are a few rules to keep this style from crossing the line! First, the brothers and sisters of the classical style are the baroque and rococo – so it is straightforward to overdo it. To avoid this, you need to consider the size of the rooms, do not forget about the “air” in the interior and show style in certain accents rather than everywhere at once, where possible. That way, you will never be held hostage to the blandness often found where there is no good understanding of the classic style in design.

стили дизайна интерьера
стили дизайна интерьера
стили дизайна интерьера

Minimalism is a favourite of many. It can be compared to a white sheet, the cleanliness and order often lacking in today’s world. To understand minimalism and all its beauty, you need to understand “less is more.

Strict geometric shapes, a minimum of decor and superfluous elements – all this creates the right atmosphere in minimalism. There is no place for a lot of colorful pictures or plants, this style requires the most “clean” space. All furniture should be laconic forms. Functionality above all! The sofa can also serve as a bed, and the folding table will save you space. Do not forget that the most popular colours in minimalism are black and white. It’s a base that doesn’t take unnecessary attention away from itself.

стили дизайна интерьера

Scandinavian style. It has a special philosophy, which came to our countries with the trend of “hugge”, which is translated from Danish as “a state of happiness and comfort in simple things. This is what makes up the skeleton of the entire Scandinavian style.

To understand how these countries create such a special kind of interior – you need to understand the values of the inhabitants of the Scandinavian countries. The fact that for 85% of the inhabitants of Denmark, Sweden and Norway, it is impossible to create a cosy atmosphere without candles and soft plaids – already speaks volumes.

Scandinavian style is, in many ways, a tribute to the ancestors. The combination of wood materials, soft light and folk motifs in the form of homespun carpets or embroidered pillows, gives the house an incredibly warm atmosphere. This style is impossible without natural components in the form of linen and cotton. Let’s not forget that Scandinavians are very fond of modern types of furniture and decor, in addition, there are world-renowned stores where you can buy a piece of “hugge” in your home.

стили дизайна интерьера
стили дизайна интерьера

Loft. It came to us a few years ago and has become very much entrenched in the hearts of many people. Its strong point – a slight carelessness, which only at first it seems that, because to achieve this effect, you need to try.

Concrete “as it is,” brick walls, raw flooring – it’s all loft aesthetics. Of course, it is not understood by many, but this is the highlight of this style. Here you can let your imagination run wild and open up your wiseboards. Always dreamed of a ceiling made of beams or a chandelier that consists simply of light bulbs – everything can be brought to life. We really like this style, it will never get bored, will always be interesting, because contrasts play an important role. We offer to see how our studio V.Concept completed the project “Woodsy townhouse” in loft style.

стили дизайна интерьера

Art Deco. A style that speaks of elegance and luxury. It originated in France, and got its name from the acronym of the International Paris Exhibition in 1925. Later, art deco began to be liked by people not only in the country-legislator of fashion, but throughout Europe. This combination of modern and neoclassical can not leave anyone indifferent.

How to create this style of interior design in the apartment? If we talk about materials, the art deco requires natural materials: wood, leather, etc. Choose rich, deep shades, such as blue, burgundy, emerald. When combined with wood furniture or abstract floor tiles, these colors will be a great accent to the overall picture of the house. Also, it’s worth thinking about buying decor elements. Abstract panels, unusual patterns on cushions – all this complements the art deco style. Also, it makes sense to add a little retro style (table lamps, vases, figurines) it will dilute the design and make it more detailed.

стили дизайна интерьера
стили дизайна интерьера
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