Bedroom design in the style of minimalism

The best solution for those who want to expand the space in the apartment or house is minimalism. Simple forms and laconic interiors completely change the space, making it more modern.

Today we’re going to break down the bedroom design in this style and show you how our team did it.

The main goal is only the necessary items in the room. Minimalism is not only about a beautiful home environment, but also about living without unnecessary things around you. Therefore, you should make large cabinets or other places to store personal belongings beforehand. The bedroom should be a place of rest. The best option for saving space and visual aesthetics would be built-in cabinets and nightstands. This type of furniture creates a special, comfortable atmosphere.

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Many people, when thinking about a bed in the bedroom, often choose between a bed with a catwalk or a Japanese version, where you can’t see the legs of the furniture. Also, the bottom of the bed can also be used for storage. It’s another space-saving tip. Many furniture stores now offer such options, because beds with a built-in place for personal belongings are now at the peak of trends.

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The main features of the style of minimalism in the interior are multilevel lighting, as well as calm and light-colored walls, without patterns and drawings. Thus, the design of the bedroom will not get boring, and if you want to change something – you can always change the chairs, and bedside table, or buy a beautiful vase.

The ceiling is an important part of the interior. It is important to keep in mind that minimalism does not allow for many decors. Bas-reliefs, moldings, and other figurative elements will not combine with the basic concept of style. Better fit a laconic ceiling design with simple lights, which only emphasize the aesthetics of the bedroom.

дизайн спальни

The floor in the bedroom should match the walls. Do not forget about matte or glossy flooring. They should be chosen according to the desired result. But the matte finish always looks more stylish, so now most people choose this look. Light and dark shades of laminate or hardwood look great. If you choose a design for a small bedroom, it is better to use light colors everywhere, because they visually expand the space and make it much lighter.

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