We are five years old.

The V.Concept studio team enjoys not only working on projects but also spending time together! It’s a great way to reboot and build rapport as a team.

For example, last year, for the fifth anniversary of the V.Concept design studio, we went to Cappadocia!


The emotions were incredible! We saw a lot of balloons, which, as drawn on the horizon, created a fairy-tale atmosphere. Also, we took to the sky in a balloon as big as this one! Seeing the sunrise while flying over the landscape of Cappadocia is a moment to remember for a lifetime.


Also, we really enjoyed the Turkish rug store, we were impressed by the beauty of each handmade piece and took lots of pictures and videos.

It is worth telling about the extreme ATV safari. You feel like you’re in a movie and it feels like you’re in a movie! We highly recommend a ride on quad bikes on the sand when you are in Cappadocia.


We are very happy that our team is not only rich in design professionals but at the same time, very cool and bright people. Without such unity, sincere support, and burning eyes, it would be impossible to do many incredible projects. Thank you!