V. Concept Design Studio

Design studio V. Concept studio was founded in 2015 by designer Victoria Vitkovskaya. Our job is to find an individual solution for the design of private and public spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions about Interior Design:

The main components of a design project are:

  • a comprehensive package of technical documentation (detailed instructions for performers who will bring the project to life)
  • 3D visualizations for a clear presentation of the concept – an opportunity to see the future interior design and, if necessary, make adjustments.

In the technical documentation, the customer embodies all his wishes and vision of interior design and furnishings. And the task of the interior designers of the V.Concept studio is to bring them to life in such a way that the result fully meets expectations!

  • saving finance

A clear schedule and definition of all work will allow you to calculate the repair budget and give an idea of the prices of interior design. Clients will be able to plan all their financial expenses in advance.

  • interior design visualization

Thanks to 3D visualizations, you will not only see your future interior, but will also be able to make adjustments in advance. It is more convenient to do it in draft form!

  • guarantee of efficiency and safety

The complex project, which is provided by V.Concept architecture and design studio, includes a package of technical documents. They describe in detail the schemes of ventilation, electrical supply, air conditioning, wiring of all communications and other structures with a complex configuration.

This is a photorealistic three-dimensional model of the image of your future interior. Thanks to such 3D visualization, you can evaluate the work of designers from different angles and maximum detail: see how materials, textures, lighting elements are combined, whether you like the color scheme and whether your vision of interior design matches the vision of our designers.

The design studio performs 3D visualization based on your chosen planning solution.

These are the services of an interior designer to control the strict compliance of repair and construction work with a design project approved by the client. Thus, a team of our interior designers is engaged in the implementation of your object in Kyiv, Dubai or other cities and countries.

Accompaniment (architectural supervision) includes:

  • planned site visit by the design studio team
  • control over the compliance of the design implementation of the project of an apartment or house
  • realization
  • making adjustments and selection of analogs of materials or furniture (in certain cases).

This is a service for the implementation of a design project with minimal participation of the client in the process of the repair itself — from drawing up a detailed work plan and ending with a general cleaning of the finished premises.

Turnkey repair service includes:

  • full management of the object by the team of the interior design studio — from the project to the actual implementation
  • involvement of the construction crew
  • budgeting
  • timely order and delivery of the necessary finishing materials, furniture and lighting to the object.

Completing your object, as well as the selection, approval, delivery, payment and installation of materials and decor elements is not only one of the stages of implementation of the approved design project, but also the secret of creating a beautiful and functional interior solution!

The selection includes all items — from plumbing and tiles to lighting equipment, wallpaper, textiles, furniture and even such unique decorative elements as dishes, vases, paintings and more.

You can order interior design in Kyiv, Dubai or another city/country.

To discuss all the details, you can always contact us in any convenient way: by e-mail or by phone number +38 (050) 039 09 99. We will also be glad to see you at our locations in Kyiv and Dubai!

We will be able to calculate the cost of providing services by V.Concept design studio after the approval of the design project for your facility.

To clarify and discuss the details, contact us in one of the most convenient ways: by e-mail or by phone number +38 (050) 039 09 99.

No, our interior design team implements the design of both private spaces — apartments or houses, and public spaces. To discuss the details of the project, we can meet in our interior design studio in Kyiv or Dubai.