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Design studio V. Concept studio was founded in 2015 by designer Victoria Vitkovskaya. Our job is to find an individual solution for the design of private and public spaces.

Frequently asked questions about interior design in Dubai

The design project of an apartment or house may contain various elements, depending on the specific situation and the client’s requirements. However, it usually includes the following components:

  • Planning: functional zoning, placement of furniture and equipment, location of lights, sockets, etc.
  • Decorative design: the choice of colors, materials, and textures for walls, floors, ceilings, doors, and furniture.
  • Furniture and equipment: selection of furniture, household appliances, sanitary ware, lighting, textiles, and other equipment.
  • Electrical layout: designing the location of sockets, switches, and lighting.
  • Visualization: after developing the layout of the premises, 3D models of the apartment are created, which gives the client the opportunity to familiarize himself with the result of the designer’s work and make the necessary adjustments to the interior design.
  • Development of a detailed project: at this stage, the designer works on a detailed description of the project, which includes plans for the placement of furniture and communications, the choice of materials, color scheme, lighting, textiles, and other details.

Our interior design company in UAE will be happy to develop a correct and detailed design project according to your requirements.

Drafting a design project has several advantages, especially if your aim is to create a functional and aesthetic space. Here are some advantages of a design project development:

  • Better organization: Creating a design project allows you to better orient yourself in space and define the function of an object with help of plans and diagrams.
  • Saving money: the design project allows you to calculate all the costs of the project in advance, which will allow you to save money without spending it on unnecessary materials or services.
  • Better communication: creating a design project allows you to better deliver your ideas and project requirements to a team of designers, architects, or builders. This will help you to avoid misunderstandings and mistakes.
  • More accurate planning: the design project makes it possible to more precisely plan each component of a space or an object, which helps to achieve a more accurate result.
  • Creating uniqueness: creating a design project allows you to create a unique request that will be confirmed by all your users and buyers.
  • Increased functionality: the creation of a design project allows you to maximize opportunities, such as elements of space or an object that can be non-standard and functional for you, which allows you to increase comfort and reduce manual stability.

All this will help to create the best interior design.

3D-visualization in the interior — this process of creation by virtual 3D-modeling of any room or space. This process can include the creation of an image of the interior, animation, panorama and video, which allows you to see how the premises will look after repair or reconstruction, before the construction process begins. The client can see by himself the specifications of various materials, textures, lighting elements, colors, etc. This is a complex process, which is carried out by designers to show how the object will look like after the construction.

Our design company in Dubai  always creates a visualization based on your preferences and visions.

Architectural supervision is a process of monitoring the construction or renovation of a building with the aim of ensuring that the design fits into the interior of the project. This is an important part of the process of creating an interior, which ensures that the work will be completed according to the plan and standards.

Such a view includes:

  • control of the construction so that it corresponds to the design project of the premises;
  • implementation control;
  • visits of the design studio team;
  • making various adjustments if necessary (for example, selection of materials or analogues of metals.

Our design company in Dubai guarantees one hundred percent “architectural supervision” and constant control over the work of our workers.

Turnkey repair is a service that includes the entire complex of works related to the restoration of housing or commercial premises. This means that instead of ordering individual services such as interior design, electrical, plumbing, painting, etc. separately, the client orders all the work from start to finish from one company or contractor who coordinates all the work.

Turnkey repair includes:

  • involving a construction crew;
  • the design studio team manages the entire object (from the beginning to full implementation);
  • budget development and control;
  • ordering the necessary materials, and their replacement, managing the delivery of lighting, etc.


We guarantee the most modern approach to interior design in Abu Dhabi and the UAE.

One of the main secrets of creating a beautiful, practical, and functional interior is, of course, monitoring the implementation of the design project. This also includes delivery, installation, payments, selection of materials, and coordination of the object.

We are providing you with all kinds of necessary items, starting with sanitary ware and tiles and ending with wallpaper, furniture, and textiles. Even paintings, vases, tableware, and decor are available to our customers.

After the execution of the design project, the work is completed and the object is handed over. At the end the interior design in Dubai is ready to be show.

Our interior design studio provides its services in Kyiv, Dubai, and other cities and countries.

To discuss all the details, to learn about our possibilities, you can use the conventional method of communication: by e-mail or by phone number +38 (050) 039 09 99.

We will also be glad to see you at our locations in Kyiv and the interior design company in Dubai!

The cost of services is provided by our design studio immediately after approval of the design project of your object.

You can contact us to clarify the details in a way convenient for you: by e-mail or by phone number +38 (050) 039 09 99.

Our design studio deals with various types of design. This is both the design of private premises (houses and apartments) and the design of public premises.

We can meet in our interior design studio in Kyiv or Dubai to discuss project details.

A design project is an important stage in the development of any product or object, it could be a house, furniture, website, logo, or anything else. Here are some reasons why a design project is important:

  • Determining the goals and needs of users. A design project helps define what goals must be achieved and what needs the product must satisfy to meet user requirements.
  • Effective use of resources. The design project allows you to determine in advance the necessary materials, tools, equipment, and other resources for the implementation of the project. This helps reduce overhead and improve resource efficiency.
  • Definition of style and aesthetics. The design project helps to determine the style, aesthetics, and visual appearance of the product. This is important because it helps to create a product that meets user requirements and looks attractive.

Residential objects of interior design in Dubai or Kyiv, on average, 1 – 2.5 months (depending on the area of the premises).

Commercial interior design objects in the UAE and other countries – from 14 days.

Luxury interior design is a style of design of residential or commercial premises, which is used to create a luxurious, exclusive look of the premises. It includes the use of expensive materials, high-quality fabrics, furniture, and accessories that emphasize the high status of the owner. Luxury interior design is about beauty and art in every detail.

Our design company in Dubai is one of the leaders in the field of luxury interior design.

Yes, the designer can create an interior in the style of the customer. One of the main tasks of a designer is to understand and take into account the wishes of the client when creating a design concept. For this, the designer interviews the client and learns about his personality, lifestyle, interests, and wishes regarding the interior. Our interior design company always takes care of customer preferences.

If the customer does not like the design project, first of all, it is necessary to understand the reasons. Perhaps, the customer has specific wishes for interior design that were not taken into account in the project, or he has different expectations for the final result.

If the customer shows dissatisfaction with the design it is necessary to find a compromise solution. To do this, we can discuss the details of the project with the client and make adjustments that will satisfy the customer’s requirements.

Our interior design company in Dubai and Kyiv is always on the customer’s side, we work very fruitfully and flawlessly to establish a trustworthy communication between the client and the designer.

The interior can be improved with the help of various decorative elements. Here are some ideas:

  • Blankets, pillows, and textiles can change the mood and atmosphere of a room. Choose colors and textiles that match the style of your interior.
  • Carpets: Carpets can become the main accent of a room, add warmth and coziness, and also protect the floor from damage.
  • Plants: Plants can add vibrant green color to a room, reduce noise levels, improve air quality, and add a sense of freshness.
  • Maps and posters: These items can be a great addition to the walls of a room. They can hang alone or in combination with other decor items.
  • Lamps: properly placed lamps can create a pleasant atmosphere in a room and provide it with additional lighting.


By the way, we can help with the choice of decor in interior design in the UAE.

This is a good question because not every interior design company in Abu Dhabi can boast of such assets as we do. We have been the leading interior design company in Dubai for a year. Our company was opened in 2015 in Kyiv. During this time, we have established ourselves as a powerful interior design company in Dubai, Kyiv, and other countries. Our approach sets us apart from others and builds customer trust. We have also won several awards in the field of interior design, which you can see on this site.

Our company has been engaged in interior design in Dubai for over a year. We develop interior design both in Abu Dhabi and in other cities. We deal with private and public facilities. We also do turnkey repairs and interior luxury design.